Anna Lotan Pro Instant Powder Hydration Gel 35 gr

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An instant powder for preparing a professional hydrating gel used to ease deep pore cleansing.

An instant powder for preparing a professional hydrating gel used to ease deep pore cleansing.

  • Provides gentle, cold hydration superior to the conventional hot steam used prior to deep pore cleansing.
  • Ideal for sensitive, “heat-saturated” skin (rosacea, broken capillaries, seborrhoea or acne).
  • Cold Hydration with this hydration gel maintains the skin moist and ready for extraction.
  • Hydration Gel also enhances exfoliation by easing the detachment of dead surface cells without mechanical rubbing.
  • Hydration Gel Powder is a preservative free product that serves as a basis for a natural hydration gel. It can easily be customized by replacing water with your choice of herbal infusion.

Sprinkle a small amount (an eighth of a teaspoon) of Hydration Gel Powder into a small bowl (around I fl.oz./30ml.) of herbal infusion (green tea, mint, etc.) or boiled water that has been allowed to chill. Stir quickly to fully dissolve. The gel will gradually thicken into the required fluid gel viscosity within a few minutes. Soak 4 Ecostripes (non woven cotton) in the fluid gel and apply to face, leaving them on for 10-15 minutes before extraction.
Remove the first stripe from the least problematic area and lightly wipe off the slippery residue before extraction. Gradually proceed to more problematic areas to give them longer, more intensive hydration.
Note: The gel does not contain preservatives and should only be used on the day it is prepared! Any remaining gel should be disposed of.
Warnings: Keep away from children. Keep in a dry place. Use for intended purposes only.

More Information
Volume 35g
Weight 0.110000
Country of Manufacture Israel
Manufacturer Anna Lotan
Line Anna Lotan Pro
Skin Type All Skin Types
Function Anti Ageing
Gender Unisex
Fl Oz 1.18
ean 7290211903877
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