Alona Shechter Nourishing mask for dry Oily 50 ml

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A water-based mask used to perfectly nourish the facial skin and prevent dryness

Nourishing mask for oily skin by Alona Schechter, based on herbs, Dead Sea minerals and active ingredients in high concentrations.

Water-based nourishing mask that is intended for skin regeneration, raising the skin's moisture level, firming the skin, protecting against free radicals and slowing down natural aging, while reducing the possibility of the formation of acne (acne) sores that form mainly on oily skin.

When the facial skin is oily, bothersome and unpleasant effects such as acne, comedones (black) and milia (white spots) can occur. The rich nourishing mask is intended for the prevention and restoration of these effects and for skin that has undergone peeling treatments in order to remove the symptoms of all that we have mentioned.

The mask is based on herbs and minerals from the Dead Sea and contains, among other things, rosemary, sage, aloe vera, chamomile, Spain, watercress and arnica.

Beyond nourishing the skin, the mask has a variety of benefits for the facial skin, improving the skin's texture and firming.


Contributes greatly to preserving and improving the appearance and texture of the skin, prevents and relieves symptoms of acne (acne), comedones (black), milia (white fat spots) and provides powerful moisture over time.

Ideal for

- Improving skin firmness - Improving moisture level - Protecting against free radicals - Slowing down the aging of the skin - Relieving the symptoms of dry skin - Restoring the skin after peeling treatment - Reducing the formation of acne (acne) - Reducing the formation of comedones (black) - Reducing the formation of Maliomas (white spots) - oily skin

User manual

Apply the mask on clean skin, leave it on the skin for a minimum of 20 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water. The mask can be applied before bed and left on overnight. For use up to three times a week.

More Information
Volume 50ml
Weight 0.200000
Country of Manufacture Israel
Manufacturer Alona Shechter
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