Dr. Kadir New-Collagen Nourishing Cream For The Dry Skin 250ml

דר כדיר SKU: 913

Dr. Kadir New-Collagen Nourishing Cream For The Dry Skin 250ml

דר כדיר SKU: 913
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דר כדיר קרם מזין לעור יבש ניו קולגן 250 מ”ל - יופילי

The cream contains MatrixylTM and beta glucan (a well established ingredient for minimizing wrinkles). The cream is further enriched with panthenol, squalane and allantoin.

Bio-mimetic peptides are small proteins consisting of several amino acids normally attached to a carrier molecule in order to improve skin penetration and bioavailability. 
These ingredients are used as active ingredients in cosmetic products lately due to the progress made in the field of biotechnology.
When these peptides reach the tissue they take part in the communication between cells and may generate specific biochemical signals for processes such as collagen production and tissue repair.

The bio mimetic peptides use in the New collagen series are:

MatrixylTM  or micro-collagen® ( palmitoyl pentapeptide-3 )– This peptide  boosts the  synthesis of dermis components: collagen type I collagen type IV and ground substance components (glycosaminoglycans).
As demonstrated in tissue cultures, skin biopsies and in clinical tests, this peptide restores the structure of the dermis, increases the thickness of the skin and minimizes wrinkles.

DERMAXYLTM (Palmitoyl Oligopeptide) - Clinical test showed considerable improvement in wrinkles depth,  volume and density.

These peptides together with other active ingredients make this series a first class modern anti-aging series.

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