Christina - Unstress Professional Kit - 10 Products

כריסטינה SKU: unstress-kit

Christina - Unstress Professional Kit - 10 Products

כריסטינה SKU: unstress-kit
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כריסטינה אנסטרס - ערכה מקצועית 10 מוצרים לעבודה במכון - יופילי

Unstress is Christina's novel, ground breaking treatment for distressed skin. An optimal concentration of advanced active ingredients, Unstress offers a range of unique and efficient products tailored to prevent, control and treat stress-induced damage.

Step 1 - Gentle Cleansing Milk: Gently remove impurities and excess oil with this delicate, soap-free cleansing milk. Enriched with frangipani, arnica and calendula among other botanical extracts, the Gentle Cleansing Milk maintains the skin’s natural moisture balance while cleansing. Stressed skin will be left radiant, clean, calm and prepared for optimal penetration of the Unstress treatment.

Step 2 - Revitalizing Toner: The Revitalizing Toner delicately cleanses and stimulates skin. Infused with glycolic and lactic acids to stimulate cell regeneration as well as provitamin B5 to maintain hydration and suppleness, this soap-free toner rebalances skin’s pH levels and completes the cleansing process.

Step 3 - Pro-Biotic Peel: The Probiotic Peel contains lactobacillus, the healthy bacteria found in yogurt. It rids the skin of pollutants, free radicals and damaging bacteria that cause premature ageing. Enriched with hypericum and frangipani, Probiotic Peel gently exfoliates without irritating, maintaining the skin’s natural flora and autoimmune system.

Step 4 - Frangipani Concentrate: Frangipani Concentrate is a milk rich in flavonoids and essential oils that immediately soothes irritated skin. This intense formula calms and ensures long term stability to stressed skin, while leaving it evenly toned and relaxed. 

Step 5 - Total Serenity Serum: The Total Serenity Serum features a complex of advanced ingredients (deep penetrating antioxidant-peptide quintescine, hyaluronic acid and probiotic lactobacillus) to improve DNA protection and cell function and reinforce the skin’s natural defenses. Fortified with vitamins and minerals, it reduces trans- epidermal water loss and prevents irritation, inflammation and itchiness.

Step 6a - Relaxing Massage Cream:Featuring hyaluronic acid to retain vital moisture, together with pycnogenol to prevent calcium deficiency, Relaxing Massage Cream soothes and hydrates stressed skin. It adds protection at cellular level while improving skin elasticity, suppleness and resilience.

Step 6b - Multi-Vitamin Supplement: Infused with a powerful combination of destressing and age-defying elements, enriched with Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, vitamins and ceramides Multi-Vitamin Supplement regulates TEWL with a balanced hydro- lipidic film and protective coetaneous barrier. It boosts collagen and elastin biosynthesis, skin elasticity and resilience to environmental pollutants.

Step 7 - Clarifying Mask: The Clarifying Mask minimizes environmental damage, reduces redness, and soothes skin with a potent combination of concentrated herbs and minerals. The rich anti-oxidant, detoxifying formula dramatically decreases stress-induced premature ageing, repels free radicals and evens out skin tone.

Step 8 - Optimal Hydration Mask: The Optimal Hydration Mask provides intense hydration with its rich blend of wheat germ, ceramides and Calendula oils. This highly active complex blends with antioxidant peptides and concentrated minerals, collagen and elastin stabilizers and DNA-protecting ingredients that increase the skin’s natural immune defense system, preventing stress-induced damage and premature skin ageing.

Step 9 - Probiotic Moisturizer: The Pro-biotic Moisturizer locks in moisture and protects the skin from stress-induced damage. It maximizes the natural DNA- protecting properties and improves skin immunity, ensuring a balanced, radiant and smooth complexion.

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