Christina Rose De Mer - Professional Kit - 6 Products

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כריסטינה רוז דה מר - ערכה מקצועית 5 מוצרים לעבודה במכון - יופילי

Christina Rose De Mer - Professional Kit - 6 Products

כריסטינה SKU: rose-kit
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Rose de Mer is a 100% natural professional peel designed to leave skin looking young and healthy both on the outside and on the inside. Featuring an innovative combination of marine plants, minerals, salts, vitamins and algae, Rose de Mer peels and regenerates skin with minimal skin trauma. The Rose de Mer peeling solution leads to visible improvement in a variety of skin conditions, and is suitable for a wide range of skin types and ages.

Step 1 - Savon Supreme: 150 ml - Savon Supreme is a deep cleaning antiseptic soap containing a unique combination of saponaria and quillaja extracts. It gently removes the hydro lipid layer, while alpha- hydroxyl glycolic acid balances the skin’s pH level. 

Step 2a- Sea Herbal Deep Peel 20 sachets of 4.5 gr

Step 2b- Herbal Peel Activator: 2 x 150 ml

The Sea Herbal Deep Peel and Activator contain microscopic coral silicates that cause bio-stimulation by penetrating skin cells to simultaneously peel and heal. Natural ingredients loosen dead cells to promote easy shedding and removal without trauma. The herbal peel improves skin texture, tone and evenness to minimize fine lines and increases collagen and cellular regeneration, while improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Suitable for a wide range of skin types and conditions including early and advanced ageing skin, sun damage and discoloration such as hyperpigmentation, deep acne scarring and postacne conditions. The Light Intensive Herbal Peel features a milder formula designed for sensitive and thinner skin, commonly used on neck and décolleté to treat hyperpigmentation, active acne, seborrhea.

Step 3 - Soothing Mask: 250 ml - Following the deep peel, soothe and calm skin with the Soothing Mask. This scientifically advanced formula contracts pores to lock active ingredients into the skin layers for continued stimulation. It enables improved penetration of active ingredients into the skin. Absorbs excess oil, relieves irritation and cleanses the skin leading to a firmer, healthier look.

Step 4 - Post Peeling Protective Gel: 120ml - The Post Peeling Protective Gel creates a protective layer to shield vulnerable skin from environmental pollutants such as dirt and free radicals. In addition, this botanical-based gel further locks in active ingredients for a better peeling result, simultaneously lifting and firming the skin.

Step 5 - Post Peeling Cover Cream: 20 ml - Infused with Shea butter, nutrients and essential fatty acids, the slightly tinted Post Peeling Cover Cream soothes the skin, enhancing the natural correcting process and cell elasticity while blocking the sun’s harmful rays for post treatment protection. 

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