jELIXIR MONA - an advanced home appliance for firming the skin of the face and body

ג'ליקסיר SKU: mona

jELIXIR MONA - an advanced home appliance for firming the skin of the face and body

ג'ליקסיר SKU: mona
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MONA - the innovative device designed for everyday home use for firming, lifting, stretching and relaxing the face and body.

The only device in the world that works with 3D technology and combines advanced technologies for 360 degree treatment for all parts of the body.

The most advanced technologies in the world - radio waves (RF), muscle stimulation (EMS) and phototherapy.

The device is intended for cosmetic use and also for health use in all parts of the body, including the face, back, shoulders, abdomen, buttocks, legs and more. 

 For the facial area - the device helps in firming the skin, reducing wrinkles, brightening the skin and pigmentation spots and obtaining a firm, smooth and fresh skin appearance.

For the body area - reduces stretch marks, cellulite, fat melting (also effective for arms, buttocks, hips and basically any area of ​​the body).

The device provides a three-dimensional massage that simulates a real massage that improves blood circulation, helps relieve sore and tight muscles in the back, shoulders, legs and all other parts of the body.

Mona is the most advanced device that incorporates the most innovative technologies in the world, it is intended for daily home use for firming, lifting, stretching and relaxing the skin of the face, neck and cleavage.

The only device in Israel that works in 3D and combines advanced technologies and allows you to perform a 360 degree cosmetic treatment for the face + body area. 

The device includes electrostimulation (EMS), radio waves (RF) and phototherapy (LED) technologies and provides 2 types of massage procedures:

3D massage only and 3D massage combined with EMS, RF currents. 

In each procedure, there are 5 types and colors of LEDs. 

Consistent use of the device will help with the stretching and firming effect of the skin, and to obtain a smooth, healthy and fresh skin appearance.

Assists in the treatment of the face and body area -

For the face area - wrinkles and lines, spots and pigmentation, acne and post-acne, tired and pale skin.

 For the body area - stretch marks, cellulite, loose and tired skin.

Not only beauty but also health-

The device gives the skin muscle strength training, helps relieve pain, muscle fatigue, stiffness and discomfort in the body and face area.

Gives the skin better absorption of moisture and other nutrients, helps improve blood circulation and local metabolism.

Thanks to the ergonomic design of the device, it can be used very comfortably and efficiently and to obtain ultimate results.

The compact size and built-in battery make it possible to use the device at home, at work, on vacation and almost anywhere.

EMS - micro currents that are widely used in the beauty industry for muscle training and skin tightening.

The action of EMS currents activates metabolic processes in the treated areas of the skin. The currents penetrate deep into the tissues and perform a function that stimulates the muscles, restoring the neuromuscular connection and the natural work of the muscles of the body and face.

In combination with the three-dimensional massage function of the MONA device, it is possible to help and accelerate the blood flow, effectively eliminate fatigue and swelling of the muscles of the face and body and improve the appearance of the skin.

LED - an innovative and groundbreaking technology developed by the American space agency NASA.

LED treatment accelerates the recovery process, production of collagen and antioxidants helps in firming and lifting the skin as well as distinguishes the skin tone, increases the effectiveness of the use of cosmetics, prevents inflammation and fights bacteria. Activates deep cells that help speed up skin metabolism, improve skin elasticity, firming and so on.

The device has 5 types of LEDs in different colors with 3 different wavelengths.

Each color is able to work separately with the skin care massage head.

RF- renewing the surface of the skin with the help of radio waves: 

The use of RF technology aims to restore the elasticity and firmness of the skin by exposing it to pulses at a frequency of 1 MHz. The radiation penetrates the tissues up to adipose tissue, heats them to a temperature of 45-50˚С and causes the thinning of the fatty sublayer. The compression of dermal collagen during this heating provides a lifting and stretching effect.

Wrinkle reduction using radio waves causes a high frequency vibration of water molecules in a cell at a certain depth under the skin, 

The heat generated from high-speed rotational friction causes the collagen fibers to contract and tighten loose skin, wrinkles and folds. 

The thermal effect created in the dermis layer renews the collagen, rearranges it and repairs damaged and aging collagen.

The electromagnetic device stimulates the subcutaneous collagen and renews it immediately, and continues to renew it even in the long term, achieving firming, reducing wrinkles, whitening and renewing the skin. 

An innovative device designed for everyday home use for firming, lifting, stretching and relaxing the skin of the body, face, neck and cleavage. Gives a lifting effect.

MONA enables integrated skin care with 3D-shaped conductive massage heads specially designed for their rotation system, as well as with the help of electrical stimulation (EMS), radio wave (RF) and light therapy (LED) technologies. For each procedure, 1 of 5 LED treatment modes can be selected. 

The 3 rotation intensities of the massage heads allow you to adjust the intensity of the massage effect.

Persistence and long-term use will show results of lifting, stretching, firming and skin regeneration.

Accelerates metabolic processes in the face, neck and body

Reducing tension from the muscles

Reduction of wrinkles and prevention of future wrinkles

improving skin tone

Elimination of edema

Restoring the oval shape of the face

Prevention of outbreaks of skin pimples

It is recommended to use daily for maximum effect and result.

Suitable for all skin types, regardless of age.


With regular use of the MONA device, the appearance of the skin improves and the quality of the skin improves.

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