Terms & Conditions


1. In these regulations, the following terms will be given the following meanings:
1.1 "The website" - the website on all the pages related to it that appear in the internet domain www.yofeely.com and, when this is implied from the said, also its owners, employees, management and operators. 
1.2 "Content" - any information that can be embedded on the website - including videos, voice recordings, text fragments, advertisements, links, graphic elements and the like. 
1.3 "Hacking" - use or viewing or access to parts of the website that are not open for browsing to all Internet users and/or use of parts of the website that are open for browsing to all Internet users in a way that is not open to all users. Also, any attempt to damage the contents of the site, its configuration, free access to it, etc. will be considered hacking. 

general terms

2. The regulations are worded in the masculine language, for reasons of convenience only, but they refer to men and women alike.
3. This site is for commercial purposes. 
4. These terms constitute a binding legal agreement between you and the site. 
5. Your entry to the website and its use, including browsing without purchase, including the contents included in it and the various services operating on it, express your agreement and approval of the terms of use and the privacy policy below. When purchasing a product, all articles of the regulations will be read, especially the chapter on the purchase of products on the website as part of the purchase agreement between the buyer and the website.
6. Using the service on this website even through another website constitutes acceptance of all the conditions in these regulations, including the privacy policy. 
7. These regulations apply to every user of the website, whether you advertise on the website, are a customer, trade, upload content, receive information or perform any other action and use of the website. 
8. The site is a site for the sale of products marketed by the lashantel business (hereinafter: "the business") and is intended for carrying out transactions for the purchase of the aforementioned products only. 
9. The way in which the site enables communication between the business and the buyers can be by way of direct communication and/or any other way otherwise in accordance with the website's sole discretion in each case. Using the website means waiving any claim on your part regarding the manner in which the contract with the business was offered to you. 
10. The website may make changes to these regulations, including the privacy policy from Atalaat without prior notice. The terms will enter into force with their publication. Use of the website and its related services after the date of publication of the changes will be considered as your acceptance of the updated terms. 
11. If you do not agree to the terms of use and the privacy policy contained in these regulations, all or part of them, you must stop using the website or any component contained therein
12. If you are legally prevented from entering into agreements or if using the website constitutes a violation of the law of the country in which you live or from which you access the services on the website - you are prevented from using the website. 
14. With the exception of content uploaded to the site by the users, any other content on the site including and without limitation: the text, source code, software, scripts, graphics, images, sounds, videos and any other characteristic of the content and/or services and/or applications on the site are owned by the site And the website retains all its rights in them including and without limiting the copyrights.
15. These regulations are the comprehensive policy of the site and replace any other regulations that were in effect and any previous agreement you have with the site, to the extent that there are any. The website may change the regulations at any time, for any reason and make any change in accordance with its sole discretion and without the website having any obligation to notify you. It is recommended that you visit this page on the website from time to time to check if changes have been made to the regulations. 
16. You are aware that the website is not obligated to provide you with any notice regarding changes to its form, contents and/or other characteristics in advance. 
17. You are aware that the website may stop its operation and the services provided on it at any time without prior notice. 
18. You undertake to indemnify the site, its employees, managers and/or anyone on its behalf for any damage, loss, loss-of-profit, payment or expense incurred by them - including attorney's fees and court costs - due to a violation of these terms of use and the privacy policy .

Use of the site

19. You are authorized to use the website only if you are over 18 years old and you are legally competent to enter into the transactions offered on the website. If you are under 18 years of age, you must use the website only accompanied by a responsible adult, in which case the responsible adult will be considered a user of the website. 
20. You undertake that all the information you provide on the website will be true and accurate. 
21. The site cannot verify the identity of its users, including their age, country of residence, etc. 
22. The website may make changes of any kind in its form and content, for the purpose of improving the service provided to its customers or for any other purpose, without prior notice. 
23. To the extent that the purchase or sale of a product involves taxes, fees and/or levies and/or any other payment, in the country of your residence or citizenship or the country in which the service and/or product is provided, you are solely responsible for paying these taxes and the website shall have no liability for this, including a responsibility to inform you of the existence of these taxes, with the exception of VAT in the State of Israel included in the price of the product and collected by the business legally. 
24. The website may make changes of any kind in its form and content, for the purpose of improving the service provided to its customers or for any other purpose, and this without notice In advance. 
25. When using the site, you agree to refrain from performing the following actions and agree that doing so will constitute a violation of these regulations and will allow the site to block you from using it, without detracting from any other means available to the site to enforce these regulations.
25.1. Distributing or duplicating any part of the site except by existing means on the website for that purpose (embedding, sharing on Facebook, etc.) unless you have received prior written permission from the website owners. 
25.2. Making changes to the website, hacking into parts of the website that you are not authorized to use, accessing other users' details in an unauthorized manner. 
25.3. Disrupting or attempting to disrupt the site's activity and/or the site's security mechanisms and their features, including features that prevent the use or copying of content uploaded by other users or the site itself or limit the way in which the content on the site can be used. 
25.4. Sale of access to content on this website. 
25.5. Sale of advertising or sponsorship or any other form of sales promotion for the content on the website. 
25.6 Commercial use of the website content in a manner that competes with the website. Legally selling products on a competitor's website will not in itself be considered prohibited use. 
25.7 Use of the website in a way that infringes copyright.
25.8 Use of the website in a way that contains defamatory advertising. 
26 You agree not to collect any personal information of any user on the site, with the exception of data published by the users or the site, for the purpose of contacting them or making a transaction with them and you undertake not to use the information except for these purposes. 
27 You agree not to operate or use any automated system, including without limitation, any robot, scanning or offline reader application, that accesses the Website. This, except if the use of the automatic system is for the purposes of advertising the website itself or specific content from the website in search engines or website indexes. In any case, any use of the website using software will be done in a way that does not create a burden on the information traffic on the website, does not bypass the restrictions on the use of the software established on the website, and does not interfere in any way with the proper operation of the website. 
28 You may not download, copy, reproduce, distribute, transfer, transmit, display, sell, license, rent or use the content belonging to the website for any purpose without prior written consent from the website management. 

Purchase of products on the site and deliveries

29 The responsibility for the quality of each product applies to the manufacturer of the product and/or the importer of the product only, according to the laws and regulations for consumer protection. 
At the same time, the business operates according to the law of sales - defective products, the consumer is asked to check the product's integrity upon receipt, to inform the business of any defect as soon as possible, to avoid a prolonged and unjustified delay, and we will replace it with another product or refund the consumer's money, including shipping fees. 
30 The data detailed on the site regarding the products are as provided to the site by the manufacturers and/or importers, and are their sole responsibility. The site will not be responsible for the content of the above data.
31 The data on the website regarding each product are general information only and this data should not be considered as a promise of any result, or any guarantee for the way the product works and the above data should not be relied on in any way. The data appearing on the website should not be considered as
medical information or medical recommendation. 
32 The website and/or anyone on its behalf will not be responsible and will not bear any damage, whether direct or indirect, that will be caused to the user and/or any third party as a result of using the product sold on the website and/or using the website and/or purchasing through the website and/or relying on on any information and/or data appearing on the website.

33 may purchase on the site any adult (a person who has turned 18 years old), a resident of Israel, who has a valid credit card from one of the Israeli credit companies and an address for the delivery of the product within the borders of Israel.


34. The delivery date of a product that will be sent by courier is currently up to 7 business days.

 - courier to the house  - cost 25.00 NIS up to 5 days 
free delivery for orders over 300.00 NIS with courier to the door

35. The buyer will be the first to cancel the transaction within 14 business days of receiving the product, provided that the product is returned to the website address. If a transaction is cancelled. As follows, the full cost of the product will be refunded, minus 5% of the transaction price or 100 NIS, whichever is lower, in accordance with what is stated in Section 14(b)(1) of the Consumer Protection Law.
If the buyer bought through the PAYPAL website, an additional commission will be deducted according to the PAYPAL website.
If the customer decides to cancel a transaction after the product has been transferred to the shipping company, the shipping cost (20-30 NIS) will also be deducted.

36. The company constantly monitors the prices of the products and their specifications. If an unusual and obvious mistake was made in good faith in the product description, this will not obligate the company. And she will indicate this on the website, inform the customer of this before making the charge and, if a charge has already been made, allow cancellation and the return of the full amount paid by the consumer.

Regulations violations

37. The site may prevent a user who has violated copyrights, from using the site for the purpose of publishing defamation and/or published content that does not fit the nature of the site, from accessing the site. 
38. You agree that the site will remove any content that is not suitable to be displayed on it in accordance with the sole discretion of the site or that the site has a minimal reason to believe that it infringes copyright or constitutes defamatory publication.
39. You undertake to indemnify the website for any damage caused to it as a result of your violation of the terms of this regulation or the violation of the law and/or the rights of third parties when you use the website. 

Website liability limitation

40. You are solely responsible for the use you make of the website. You remove from the website any responsibility in connection with the application and/or use of said website, whether created and/or uploaded to the website by other users or by the website. The website does not operate any malware or spyware, but you know that websites are vulnerable to use Malicious and the implantation of spyware and malicious software and viruses and that it is not always possible to prevent the distribution of these by the website without the intention of its operators. You remove from the website any responsibility for any damage that may be caused to you as a result of such disruption to the website carried out by an external party to the website. 
41. You are aware that using the website may expose you to content that is incorrect, inaccurate, insulting, offensive, etc. and you waive any legal and/or other rights you have or will have against the site regarding items submitted by other users. 
42. The site allows search engines to use the scanning applications associated with them to copy materials from the site for the purpose of creating public indexes only that enable the finding of said materials in the search. The website reserves the right to cancel this option in general or in a specific case. 
43. The website has no control over and is not responsible for the content, privacy policy, safety and/or any other feature of other websites where the site's content will be displayed and is not responsible for the content, privacy policy, safety and/or any other feature of websites to which a link is included In the content that appears on the website - whether these links were placed by way of advertisement or user content. 
44. The site does not guarantee continuous and uninterrupted access to the site. The functioning of the site may be subject to interruptions by factors beyond the control of the site. Also, the site is not responsible for the availability of sites to which it is linked, is not responsible for the correctness or accuracy of the publications that appear on it by external parties, and the publication on the site does not constitute any responsibility of the site for publication. By using the website, you confirm and agree that the website is not responsible for any damage
you may incur as a result of the trust you have placed in the publications appearing on the website and/or the availability of the resources offered in these publications. 
45. The website is not responsible for the fact that its use and/or the content uploaded by users and/or the publications appearing on it will meet your demands or wishes, will be carried out without interruptions, will be secure or without errors, that the information appearing on them will be accurate or reliable, if published on by third parties. 
48. Also, the site is not responsible to you for direct or indirect damage caused to you as a result of one of the following:
48.1 Changes that the website will make in the way it is presented, its contents and/or any other characteristic of it or as a result of the website ceasing to exist temporarily or permanently. 
48.2 Deletion, access restriction or damage to the storage of items uploaded by you to the website. 
48.3 Hacking of the website by "hackers" or other unauthorized users and the subsequent copying of personal content you provided to the website. 


49. This privacy policy is intended to explain to you what information is collected during the use of the website, what use is made of the information collected and how the website protects this information. 
50. The information we collect is divided into two types:
50.1 Personal information concerning the user - the site does not collect and/or use your first name, last name, email address, telephone number, ID card, your occupation and other personal identifying information (hereinafter: " personal information concerning the user"), unless provided by you to the site voluntarily. In such case, the personal information concerning the user will be used in accordance with this privacy policy. 
50.2 Non-personal information concerning the user - the site collects, stores and uses general non-personal information concerning the user, such as an IP address , browser type, 
pages viewed, length of time spent on certain pages, date and time of visits, general location of the IP, etc. 


51 The website may use "cookies" (a small file containing a string of characters that is sent to your computer or any other device and gives your browser a unique identifier) ​​during your browsing or while using it through other websites. The site uses these files in order to improve the quality of the service, including to save user preferences, improve search results and monitor usage trends, such as how users search. 
52 You can choose through the browser you use not to receive "cookies", whether they came from the website or from third parties. However, certain features and services of the website may not function properly if the browser is configured to block these types of files. 


The use made of the information

53 The transactions carried out on the site are paid through clearing on secure sites that specialize in this and are not under the control of the site. The site does not collect credit card information and if credit information is received on the site, these are secured in accordance with the requirements of the law and will not be used in any way. 
54 To the extent that you provide the website with "personal information concerning the user" as part of or in preparation for a transaction, the information will be used for the purpose of conducting transactions with the business and completing them. The business website will refrain from making any other use of the information. However, the delivery of "personal information concerning a user" in a place intended for publication on the website, such as in a product review and the like - then the website and the business that promises to make any reasonable use of the information in such a case, including its publication on the website. 
55 Without prejudice to the generality of the aforementioned, the site may use "personal information concerning the user" for the purpose of contacting you in case of need, such as product delivery, investigation of a complaint and/or fear of copyright infringement, etc. 
56 Also, the site may use "personal information concerning the user" even if your consent was not obtained in the following cases: if you violate the terms of use of the site and/or if a judicial order is directed to the site requiring it to disclose personal information concerning you and/or in any A case of dispute, claim, claim, demand or legal proceedings between you and the site and/or in any case where the site is required to do so by law and/or to prevent suspicious or illegal actions, whether they are related to the site or not and / or to another party in the event that the ownership of the site is transferred to that other party, provided that that party continues to operate the site in accordance with these regulations and / or to protect the rights, assets, or personal safety of the owners, managers and operators of the site and / or related entities and / or individuals in them and/or the other users of the site.
57 The site and third parties associated with it use "non-personal information concerning the user" collected in order to: improve and adapt the site, the contents and services presented therein, to your personal needs and preferences and/or for statistical purposes such as general user statistics, including demographic
and geographic information and/or For the purpose of locating and handling faults on the website and/or for the purpose of testing the marketing effectiveness and marketing of the website among advertisers and/or for other legal purposes, as long as your personal identity is not revealed through such use.

Information security

58 The site uses technical and organizational measures to ensure that there will be no unauthorized access to the information contained therein and that it will not be used and/or changed and/or not disclosed. However, the site cannot guarantee that unauthorized third parties will not succeed despite these measures to break into the site and use the technical information for improper purposes, including using the information stored to identify you personally. 
59 You acknowledge and hereby confirm that computer systems and the transmission of information via the Internet are fundamentally insecure, and that there is no protection that guarantees that information stored on computers or transmitted via the Internet will be immune from unauthorized access, use, modification or tampering by others.


Policy for canceling transactions with a consumer in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law

The Consumer Protection Law, 1981 (the "Consumer Protection Law" or "the Law") grants the consumer (as defined in the Consumer Protection Law) the right of cancellation regarding specified types of transactions, and this at the times and under the conditions set forth in the law and the regulations pursuant thereto.

The full cancellation rules are found in the Consumer Protection Law and are binding

In order to familiarize yourself with this policy (applies to you only if you are a consumer), please first check in which way the transaction was carried out (remote sales transaction, hawking transaction or transaction at a point of sale), and then check what type of transaction
(for example: transaction for the purchase of goods, transaction for the provision of services continuous or an engagement to provide a non-continuous service).


Cancellation of a remote sales transaction

What is stated in this section shall apply in the event that the contract was made under circumstances where, according to the Consumer Protection Law, it is a "distance sales transaction":

* Goods transaction -  If you ordered non-perishable goods from us (for example, a device), under the circumstances of a "distance sales transaction", you have the right to cancel the contract in writing that you give us within 14 days from the day the contract was made or from the day the goods were received or from the date of receiving a written document regarding the contract , according to the later of their sons;
If you received the goods, you must return them to us and we will refund you the amount you have already paid us. In such a transaction that includes a conversation, including a conversation through electronic communication, with a person with a disability, a senior citizen or a new immigrant as defined in the Consumer Protection Law, the period is four months and not 14 days.

Cancellation of a peddling transaction

What is stated in this section will apply in the event that the contract was made under circumstances where, according to the Consumer Protection Law, it is "peddling":

* Goods transaction  - if you ordered non-losable goods from us (for example, a device), under the circumstances of a "peddling transaction" (as mentioned), you have the right to cancel the contract In a written application that you give us within 14 days from the day on which the contract was made or from the day of receipt of the goods or from the date of receipt of a written document regarding the contract, whichever is later; If you received the goods, you must return them to us.


How to contact us

 To cancel a transaction, you can contact info@yofeely.com, specifying your details, including postal code and payment method; on the company website.

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