Looking for the formula for healthy and strong hair?

 3 tips to help you win the battle:

Everyone wants healthy and strong hair but over the years, and as a result of exposure to factors that are harmful to the hair, it loses its strength and natural shine. With the right and effective treatment, you will be able to keep your hair healthy and strong for a long time and enjoy a natural and rich look.


1. Adjust the conditioner and shampoo to your hair style:

The first and most important tip is to adjust the conditioner and shampoo to your hair style and condition.

Choose the shampoo and conditioner that have ingredients in their ingredients that can contribute to the hair, and give it everything it needs for its condition. 

In the subsistence market there are a wide variety of reality softener companies that promise mountains and hills for your head hair, but in practice the promises are not in sight!

One company that tops them all and makes its way to the top of our table, Mokenan Oil - one of the leading brands in the field of hair care products in the international market.

What started about a decade ago as the company's stand-alone product in the beauty industry, has become an iconic beauty brand distributed worldwide in the international market. The goal that has been leading the brand for a decade is to create products that inspire trust among their loyal customer base. Did you choose an oil drain? - You will never leave!

2. Drying the hair - it is not recommended to use a towel. 

If you are used to drying your hair by rubbing with a towel, or wrapping your hair with a towel, it is advisable to get rid of the habit.

The towel fibers are rough and they damage the integrity of your hair, removing it from its protective layers. 

The hair is recommended to be dried using a cotton T-shirt or a towel which is made of microfiber fibers. 


3. Quality hair brush - the secret to well-groomed and beautiful hair!

The hair combing action is necessary and even necessary to complete the grooming process. 

Using a brush that is suitable for the style that will be done will make the combing process easier and will cause knots to be untied in a faster way, and less painful. 


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